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Is long-term massage good for the body?


Many people often need to massage their backs, heads, cervical spine, or legs for work reasons. Therefore, some friends wonder whether long-term massage is harmful to the body? In fact, long-term massage is basically less harmful to the body, but the premise is that the correct massage posture must be used.

Many people suffer harm from long-term massage, which is often caused by improper massage posture. Another reason is also related to the masseur’s skills.

In daily life, many people have to sit in the office for a long time and have no time for rest or exercise. They have to work nearly half of the day. Under such circumstances, it is very beneficial to the body and mind by massaging the spine and neck. However, it is not a long-term plan to use massage instead of exercise for a long time. Try to take some time to exercise!

Massage is good for most people. Of course, some side effects also vary from person to person. In general, there are very few people who experience side effects from massage. However, friends who have hidden diseases in their bodies, it is best to massage less, otherwise, the blood circulation will be promoted during the massage, which will aggravate the disease.

Small tips that not suitable for massage:

female menstruation, pregnancy, lactation, bone hyperplasia, arthritis, acute soft tissue injury, local swelling, severe heart, liver, lung, brain dysfunction, hepatitis, tuberculosis, tumor patients Wait.

Massage should pay attention to these issues:

1. Choose a reliable place

Massage is very simple, but there are also some things to pay attention to. In order to avoid problems such as unprofessional technicians or incorrect techniques in the massage process, the massage location we choose is preferably relatively large or familiar. It’s best not to go to some remote towns or unprofessional places that look shabby. Otherwise, it is easy to encounter the side effects of those massages. If the body feels more tired after the massage, it must be related to the massage technique.

2. control the frequency

Although long-term massage is not harmful to the body, it is best to control the frequency. Many office workers are busy with work and do not have much time to exercise, so they have a little time to massage. But massage is not a substitute for exercise. It is recommended to massage up to three times a week, or once a week. Such a muscle massage frequency is suitable for the body, too much is not good.

3. Choose the massage method according to your needs

Massage is good for the human body and has many different effects. Massage can relax the body, relax, and improve the spine and muscles. It has different benefits for different massage methods in different parts. When female friends massage, they can choose different massage methods according to their physical conditions and needs!

4. full stomachs, excessive hunger should not massage

It is not suitable to do anything when you are full, including massage. And excessive hunger is not suitable for massage. Half an hour before a meal and an hour after a meal is also not suitable for massage.

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