Muscle building

What’s the right diet if you want to build muscle?

Muscle building diet

What’s the right diet if you want to build muscle?

Muscle is not just exercised, it is also “eating”-to increase muscle mass, you must provide the body with a lot of sugar and protein. Therefore, a scientific diet plan can make your muscle gain more effective.

Muscle diet plan

  • First meal: breakfast

Since there is no food supply overnight, the body urgently needs calories, especially sugar, to provide energy for the first few hours of work. Compound sugars “burn” very slowly and provide energy lastingly, which is the best choice. Of course, you also need to consume protein to maintain the continuous inflow of amino acids in the blood, which helps prevent muscle catabolism. This meal provides approximately 50 grams of protein.

  • Second meal: morning snack

Three hours after breakfast is the time to eat again. This is one of the smaller meals of the day, as long as the body is supplied with energy for the rest of the morning and maintains a continuous flow of amino acids in the blood. Amino acids come from protein. The protein in this meal can be chicken breast or high protein powder. You can also ingest some sugars, such as fruits. The fruit is also a good source of cellulose, which is usually lacking in the diet of most bodybuilders.

  • Third meal: lunch

The focus of lunch is protein, which also includes compound sugars and vegetables. Protein foods such as beef and fish are good choices at the muscle-building stage because these foods can provide extra calories (fat) in addition to protein. Moreover, the fats contained in fish are unsaturated fatty acids, which is beneficial to human health. As for sugar, you can choose any compound sugar you want to eat, such as potatoes, rice, and pasta.

  • The fourth meal: before training

Like the morning snack, the main purpose of this meal is to ensure the continuous inflow of amino acids in the blood. At least one hour before training. In the muscle-building phase, you can choose a high-protein beverage, plus some sugar.

  • Fifth meal: after training and dinner

This meal consists of two parts, the first is the drink ingested within 30 minutes after training. In addition, simple sugars should be ingested to supplement the glycogen reserves consumed. The ideal way is to consume protein and sugar at a ratio of 1:2. 25 grams to 30 grams of protein is ideal, because not only to ensure sufficient amino acids to rebuild muscle, but also to slow down the absorption of simple sugars due to excessive protein intake. The second part of this meal is ingested about an hour after the snack. It consists of solid food and should include complex sugar, such as rice, potatoes, and high-quality protein (such as steak), and eat a lot of vegetables.

  • Sixth meal: Late night snack

The most important part of this meal is protein to ensure that the body is provided with amino acids while sleeping. If you want to eat, you can also consume a small amount of sugar. Of course, most bodybuilders always avoid sugar altogether at night, because they are more likely to be converted into fat when resting.

How much fat is good for muscle gain?

How much fat does it take to grow muscle mass? This is a difficult question to answer. Scientists have begun to distinguish the role of different nutrients in the process of human protein metabolism.

Studies have confirmed that a certain amount of fat and calcium can affect the balance of nitrogen in the body. The balance of nitrogen is particularly important for the human body because it can measure whether the amount of nitrogen consumed and excreted by the body has reached a balance. If a person’s intake of protein or nitrogen-containing compounds is excreted much, then the body’s nitrogen has reached a positive balance, which is desirable for bodybuilders, then his muscle mass will grow; when a person When the nitrogen in the body happens to be in a negative balance, the muscles will decrease.

Through experiments, the researchers found that people who ingest 30% of calories from fat have a better balance of nitrogen in their body than those who ingest 40% of calories from fat. That is to say, 30% of fat intake is more beneficial to the balance of nitrogen required for muscle growth than 40%.

Therefore, experts recommend that the intake of fat should be kept below 30% of the total calories required per day; otherwise, any excess fat will reduce the rate of muscle growth.

Fitness novice food purchase guide

For fitness beginners, strength training is always a priority. In fact, training in the gym is only part of the overall bodybuilding plan. In addition to hard training, you also need to scientifically arrange diet plans. To do this, you need to understand which foods are good and which are inappropriate. Only choosing the right food can ensure the best exercise results.

Excellent protein source

  • Egg: It is the best high-protein food in natural food. Generally, it is better to match three egg whites per whole egg. For example, at breakfast, you can eat two whole eggs, plus six egg whites.
  • Liquid egg whites: Buying pure egg whites directly is more convenient than sharing egg whites among your own whole eggs. However, the price is slightly more expensive than whole eggs.
  • Skinless chicken breast: This is high-quality high-protein food with very low-fat content, and the price is not expensive. Many bodybuilders use skinless chicken breast as the main source of protein.
  • Skinless turkey: This is also a high-quality high-protein food with low fat, and the price is cheaper than chicken breast.
  • Cow leg meat: Lean beef is a good choice although it has higher fat content than chicken. Bodybuilders can eat more beef during non-season, and can also eat in moderation during the preparation period.
  • Filet Steak: Pre-adjusted lean beef, although the price is a little more expensive than lean beef, the credit is very convenient and the taste is also very good.
  • Bison: The taste is very good, but the price is super expensive. If you have the conditions, you may wish to buy some to taste.
  • Flounder: A fish with an ugly appearance and a flat body. The price is not expensive and the fat content is very low.
  • Cod: The price is not expensive and the fat content is very low.
  • Wild salmon: Fish rich in healthy fats. Wild salmon has higher nutritional value than farmed salmon, and of course, the price is more expensive.
  • Canned tuna: The price is not expensive and the fat content is very low. However, if you need to control the intake of sodium, you should eat less canned tuna. Also, make sure that the canned tuna you buy is filled with water, not oil.
  • Black turkey: It has lower fat content than other types of bacon, and it tastes good. You can eat more during non-seasonal seasons.
  • Ground Lean Beef: Make sure that the ground beef you buy is ground with pure lean meat. This is a good non-season high-protein food choice.
  • Skim cheese: This is a high-protein food that has relatively slow digestion and absorption rate, and can provide a stable supply of amino acids to the body for a longer period of time. Very suitable for consumption between meals or before going to bed.
  • Pork tenderloin: The price is not expensive and the fat content is very low.
  • Wild black bass: high-quality low-fat high-protein food, but the price is more expensive.
  • Wild sailfish: high-quality low-fat high-protein food, but the price is more expensive. You should try to stay away from protein foods.
  • Skinned chicken: Chicken skin will increase your fat intake.
  • Breaded chicken nuggets: Bread crumbs will increase your simple carbohydrate intake.
  • Cooked meat products: During the production process, too many chemicals are added, thereby reducing the quality of the meat.
  • Bacon: Although it tastes good, it is high in fat. Therefore, it is not the best choice.
  • Ground beef with high-fat content: Although meat patties and meatballs made from this type of ground beef taste better, their fat content is too high to be suitable for regular consumption.
  • Beef and mutton with high-fat content: When buying steak, if there is some fat around the steak that can be seen by the naked eye, then it does not matter. All you need to do is cut off these visible fats with a knife.

However, if you can see that the fat is distributed in the middle of the steak, you can’t remove it, even if this type of steak tastes better, you should not buy it.

Better sources of carbohydrate food

  • Oatmeal: It is a kind of carbohydrate food with slow digestion and absorption speed, which can avoid the dramatic fluctuation of insulin, provide the body with a lasting and stable energy supply, and extend the duration of satiety.
  • Fruits: All fruits are good choices, however, some fruits are better. For example, blueberries have higher antioxidant content than other fruits, and bananas are a good choice for carbohydrate supplements after training. The digestion and absorption of most fruits are faster than complex carbohydrate foods such as oats and are more suitable for ingestion in the morning and before and after strength training.
  • Vegetables: Just like fruits, you can’t go wrong when choosing vegetables. In non-seasons, all vegetables are a good choice. However, when you want to reduce body fat, it is best to choose green vegetables, because these vegetables have fewer calories and carbohydrates. In addition, green vegetables are also a good source of meals, it is recommended that you consume every meal.
  • Sweet potato or yam: tastes good, is a carbohydrate food with slow digestion and absorption. Brown rice: It is a carbohydrate food with slow digestion and absorption.
  • White rice: It digests and absorbs faster than brown rice, but it is also a good choice during the off-season because it can provide the necessary energy supply to the body more quickly.
  • Whole wheat bread: It is a kind of carbohydrate food with slow digestion and absorption.
  • Instant oatmeal: It is a kind of carbohydrate food with fast digestion and absorption.
  • Rice noodles: It can be used as a substitute for white rice, and it is a carbohydrate food with faster digestion and absorption.

Carbohydrate foods that should be kept away

  • Oatmeal: Nowadays, most oatmeal has added a lot of sugar. Buying raw oatmeal directly is a better choice. You can add some blueberries and sweeteners when cooking oatmeal, the effect is very good.
  • Candy: The content of sucrose is very high.
  • Potato chips: rich in simple carbohydrates and harmful fats.
  • Ice cream: The content of sucrose is very high.
  • Soda: Essentially, soda is tap water with added sucrose.
  • Fruit juice drinks: The main ingredients of this type of drink are sugar and water. In contrast, eating fruits directly will be a better choice.

A better source of fat

  • Olive oil and linseed oil: Both of these fats are relatively healthy fats. Among them, linseed oil also has a fat-reducing effect.
  • Fish oil: an important source of healthy fats.
  • Almond paste and cashew jam: These two types of nut paste are good sources of healthy fat.
  • Avocado: A healthy source of fat.
  • Almonds, walnuts, walnuts, cashews, peanut butter: all are excellent sources of healthy fats, and also contain a small amount of protein.

Fat sources that should be kept away

  • All fried foods: Because the fat content of fried foods is high.
  • Butter and margarine, palm oil and coconut oil shortening made with vegetable oil: none are healthy sources of fat.

Examples of specific shopping list High-protein foods: eggs, chicken breasts, top steaks, defatted cheese. Carbohydrate foods: oatmeal, fruits (apples, blueberries, bananas, etc.), vegetables (spinach, broccoli, onions, sweet potatoes, etc.), brown rice. Fats: olive oil, fish oil (fish oil supplements can also be used), almonds, peanut butter.





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